visual artist

El Agave

El Agave is an immersive interactive environment that incorporates the use of video mapping projection and sensors that allow audiences to elicit a response from the Agave sculpture. As participants walk through the space their proximity, speed, and height will inform the programming language to create correlating visuals and audio. TÓ ÉÍ ÍÍNÁ ÁT’É water is life- it connects us; cleanses us; fosters growth, and nurtures the world around us. This concept of connectedness is translated through our use of specific New Mexico water sites including the Rio Grande, Carlito Springs, Cochiti Lake, and monsoon season rain. The visuals are also site specific abstractions from Pueblo and Diné land, respectively.

In the southwest, the agave is one of the few plants that not only survives, but thrives in harsh environments. As women of color we are constantly faced with racist and sexist environments that often leave us to adapt and create our own domain. El Agave is a response to that environment and invites audiences to participate and interact in that space. Furthermore, by using floral elements El Agave is a reference to femininity, growth, and survival. It is an opportunity to curate our experience and embrace the connection between culture, land, and the art of interaction. We invite participants to a playground-like space that encourages playfulness, thoughtfulness, and exchange of ideas surrounding aforementioned concepts. Our goal is to create a safe space where people are encouraged to interact with feminism, land, and connection.

In collaboration with Britney A. King.