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Jennifer Nev-Diaz is a new media artist currently focusing on creating immersive, interactive environments based out of Albuquerque. She was born in Los Angeles and lived in South Central well into her teens before spending a few years in rural New Mexico. By blending various mediums such as photography, programming languages, video, sound, and more she invites the viewer to create unique experiences. Her work focuses on themes of memory and trauma, nature and curated spaces, and self awareness within the art of interaction.She is heavily influenced by surveillance art, feminism, and the intersection of art and technology. Nev-Diaz currently holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the University of New Mexico.


El Agave Sep 2019

The Paseo Project: Taos, NM | Art Collective BK +JD: Projection Mapping, Interactive Art

Interlaced Apr 2019

ARTS Unexpected: CORNELL PARKING STRUCTURE | Art Collective BK +JD: Projection Mapping, VJ, Interactive Art

Curated Soundscapes  Apr 2019

ARTS Unexpected: CASTETTER HALL | Solo: Installation, Sound, Algorithmic

•  Between Sky and Sand Apr 2017

ARTS Unexpected: ARTS LAB | Collaborative Show: Digital Installation, Projection Mapping, Immersive Art

•  Pavlov's Dogs: An Art Show Nov 2017

▷ UNM CFA Downtown Studio | Group Show: Interdisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture, New Media

•  Lux Politica Dec 2017

▷ ARTS LAB | Group Show: New Media, Interactive Art